Tarboo Beagles

AM CAN CH Chardon Ancient Mariner


Owned and operated by Lloyd Boothroyd, Tarboo Kennels is dedicated to bringing top quality, human friendly show beagles into public notice.

Our beagles have been chosen specifically for breed quality with personality, performance, and beauty in mind .


Known for their outgoing enjoyment of life in general, beagles make fantastic companions and excellent pets.


Their attitude is always up-beat and positive, with a determination to make friends with the world. However, beagles should also show a marked interest in their surroundings, a curiosity like a cat’s, and an overactive desire to look into everything.


A beagle should also be a functional working dog. While there is some disagreement as to what country the dog came from England, Whales, or otherwise, one thing that is agreed is that the beagle is a “rabbit dog“. These dogs were meant to hunt rabbits, and while our beagles are destined for the show ring, we do have hunting dogs in the background of our lines. Their instincts are still strong.


The beagle’s looks should go along with the dogs abilities as a hunter, and should not be sacrificed for hunting ability, nor should the hunting ability be forfeited in favor of the beagles “hound” look.  We at Tarboo believe a beagle should actually look like a beagle not a miniature harrier hound, or a long legged basset hound.


We encourage these qualities in our dogs and strive to breed into our “animals**” an essential desire to be the best, whether that means the best show dog, the best companion or the best family member possible.


  ** Warning Our Dogs Do Not Believe They Are Animals!



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